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Ice Swim in Morocco-IISA Morocco

Ice Swim in Morocco is the platform that promote the practice of Ice Swimming in the country.

 The official association that rules the Ice Swimming in Morocco is the IISA Morocco responsible to make all the events respecting the international rules of the International Ice Swimming Association


The association is committed to ensuring that all Ice Swims and Ice Mile attempt are conducted in the safest environment possible as it is acknowledged that this is an extreme sport.

Ice Swim In Morocco is also a international competition that tooked place during 3 editions (2018-2019-2020)

If you are interested to swim an Ice Mile, and if you are trying to finalize the Ice Seven Challenge, IISA Morocco will be glad to help you to achieve your dream.

You can join the association calling the +212 6 61 41 41 58 or sending an email to info@hassanbaraka.com





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